New study now opening to recruitment!

We are looking for healthy volunteers who want to be involved in a new study involving wearable technology and wearable devices, available from January 2022.

£250 fee paid

You can participate if you:

• Are aged between 18-48
• Are healthy, without active medical problems, including symptoms or exposure to COVID-19
• Take no regular medications
• Don’t smoke
• Don’t take illicit substances
• Meet our sleep health criteria
• Have a BMI (body mass index) between 18-25
• Are not currently or intending to become pregnant

Scan the QR code to enquire more and to get a copy of the Information Sheet!



4 thoughts on “New study now opening to recruitment!

  1. Do you have studies for a 16 year old? We are separate to find solutions to monitor his adrenal insufficiency.

    1. Thanks very much for your question. At the moment we don’t have any studies open to people with adrenal insufficiency. However please do keep following the blog and our Twitter account for updates about our past, current and future research

  2. Do you recommend it for monitoring suspected Cushing’s syndrome( Versus PseudoCushings followup?).
    Dr MS Kute

  3. Dear Dr Kute
    Thanks for your question
    At this stage the device is a research tool only and therefore I can’t make any recommendations about its use clinically. However, we have studied a cohort of patients with adrenal and pituitary Cushing’s disease and the results of that trial will be published in due course – follow @ultradian2020 for updates.
    Of course we home that in the future the technology could be useful for monitoring and diagnosing Cushing’s – at least the tricky cases!

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